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Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me on a journey to recharge and lighten up. Starting on the Spring Equinox, we will be doing a group spring cleanse that includes plenty of nourishing and delicious food, organic herb supplements, probiotics, aromatherapy oils and group support. For further details and to register, please click here.

I have been inspired for years by my yoga teacher friends Robyn Smith and Peggy Profant on their cleanse journeys (and other ways!), but as a non-deprivation activist, I waited and watched and took my time noticing how they great they felt on the cleanse and how gracefully they moved through life. I took the plunge myself 1 ½ years ago and have done it twice, in my own gentle, modified way and really love it.

I have talked to so many people about the joys of this particular cleanse–based on the Ejuva line of herbs–that I decided to offer a group experience this time.

What I like about Ejuva is that it is based on a wild-crafted, organic blend of Ayurvedic, Japanese, Chinese and Western herbs. The herbs focus on intestinal cleansing and constitutional support while you eat a nutritious diet. So no deprivation!! Intrepid folks can cut down to one or even no meals toward the end of the cleanse, but many people stick with two or three meals while getting full benefit from the herbal support.

Not only did I enjoy the lightening and intestinal cleansing benefits, but I found my hormonal swings were balanced and my energy level higher. And my jeans were looser 🙂

Whether you live near or far, you are welcome to join me. You will have two private phone consultations with me, weekly webinars you can participate in live stream or watch at your convenience, a private Facebook page to share experiences and recipes, as well as a recipe book I have compiled.

Because this is my first online group experience, I am offer a major Friends and Family discount. This is essentially the beta test, so I will welcome your feedback but guarantee we will have lots of fun. And for those in range of Santa Cruz, we will celebrate the end with a potluck at my house!

Below is the flyer. Take a look and please contact me if you have any questions. To register please click here. Please note, the 30-day Light Cleanse option can also be done as a 14-day Power Cleanse if you feel you want to give it a try for just two weeks to start. And the Deluxe includes four 90-minute bodywork sessions for a full rejuvenation!

Looking forward to playing with our food together!





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