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Are you ready for the Autumn Reset?

It’s that time of year again . . . summer has been long and yet not quite long enough. As we head toward that time of early mornings and jam-packed schedules, I find myself thinking about ways to make my life more organized and functional. I do a lot of reorganizing this time of year: I changed my home office around; did a big Goodwill run with grown-out-of kids’ clothes and even cleared out the garage enough to park my car in!

As I ground into home, I’m also drawn to the kitchen. After summer’s decadent travel meals, cocktails and grab-and-go snacks, the late summer vegetable bounty is calling my name.

Join me for my upcoming 21 Day Reset and take yourself on a journey of deep nourishment and unconditional self-love! The registration deadline is September 1.

My body is naturally arching toward fresh, wholesome, home-cooked food.
This year, self-care and nourishment feel like radical acts more than ever. With alarming news every day, I feel the urge to shut down and turn to distractions to numb the frustration and fear about the hate and violence in the world. I do my best to speak out, to help others in need and to support organizations that are making the world a better place, but it feels a tiny drop in a big ocean of hurt. Sometimes Facebook, Netflix, ice cream and wine are very tempting pain soothers.

At times like this, self-care can seem frivolous. But it’s my fervent belief that when we as humans feel comfortable and vital in our bodies, we can best contribute to our families and communities in meaningful ways.

THIS is what the Reset is about.
. . . not a cleanse–though you might feel “cleaner.”
. . . not a weight loss scheme–though you might lighten up.
. . . not painful–though breaking some habits takes work.

It’s about nourishment.
It’s about making choices that lift us up.
It’s about being our best selves so that we can light up the world!

I’d be delighted if you join me on a 21-day nourishment and self-care adventure. You’ll see on my website that there are many ways to jump in: for the group support, adding herbs and even adding private sessions with me.

I’m going to have another surprise for you really soon. About how you can have delicious Reset-friendly food cooked for you. I’ll tell you as soon as I can, I promise. But for now, I’ll give you this! Enter the code: JUICY and get 15% off your order.

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