New Year’s Reset–Start Fresh, Dive Deep

Rounding the corner into the new year is a funny time, isn’t it? An uneven blend of relaxing and hectic. The flip side of family time, opulent indulgence and the opportunity for solitary reflection are family dynamics gone awry, gluttony and loneliness. It’s a fine line!

I find it helpful to remember that this IS the dark time of year, and some inward turning amid the busyness of the season is appropriate. It’s time to delve deep as well as celebrate all we are grateful for!

Maybe some inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine will be helpful for this season. The Kidney organ and Water element are the focus of the season. The Water element is associated with the color black, cold temperatures, salty flavors, the emotion of fear and the quality of WILL. Most of us know what we should do to take care of ourselves, but the strength of will enables us to make the choices that truly nourish us.

Developing habits of nourishment, sleep and appropriate movement help build a foundation for will to flourish. It’s an UPWARD SPIRAL! This sets the tone for excellent self-care, even in the busiest and most stressful times.

Especially in the busiest and most stressful times!

So many people have asked for a Reset to start the year off right, so we are going to jump right in! No more waiting till spring, since the Reset is a lifestyle that is appropriate for many–especially those suffering from autoimmune issues–to follow all year round.

New Year’s Reset January 7-27

I’ve developed the Reset as a gentle way to nourish yourself with an anti-inflammatory diet that can fit into any life, no matter how much work, travel, family obligation and stress is in your life. You can sign up here or get in touch with any questions! If you are on the fence, please consider jumping in. I give you daily support, an interactive Facebook group, personal coaching options when needed and most important, the opportunity to live the energized and well-rested life you crave!

For you veterans, you’ll see that I am doing the herbs a little differently this year. For those of you who want them, I am happy to order the Ejuva Herbs for you, but I have also found some other products through my autoimmune research that will help build a strong foundation for your health that you can order on your own. I’m happy to help you figure out which options are best for you!

Also, when you go to the site, you’ll see the Reset with Deluxe and Sublime options. The Reset is priced affordably so that you can jump in regardless of budget with personal coaching within our Facebook group and daily emails. The Deluxe option includes private phone/Skype coaching with me to ensure success and help you get through big changes. The Sublime is for locals who want to take their health up a notch with hands-on bodywork/acupuncture sessions (at a discount!).

If you’re looking for some ways to stay healthy and happy during these wintry days, I have 3 suggestions for daily support.

  1. First, take those omega EPA/DHA caps! I bet you even have some sitting in your medicine cabinet waiting for you to take them. They are a natural anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory and recent research has shown that the proper amounts of healthy fats also help improve metabolism and maintain healthy weight. I love these Nordic Natural soft gels that have no weird aftertaste!
  2. Vitamin D3 is an inexpensive and important immune supportive vitamin that we get from the sun but that is well-absorbed in supplement form. I recommend 2000 IU a day. Here’s a good one if you need to stock up.
  3. Finally, for a delicious warm drink with coconut milk or addition to your smoothie, I love what our friends at Gaia Herbs have come up with–a blend of turmeric, black pepper, probiotics and warming chai spices in one drink blend! It’s called Turmeric Boost Restore. They also have a blend called Turmeric Boost Uplift that includes gotu kola and lemon balm to give you some pizazz during these busy days.

[** The code is drfarber to get into the site and get a 15% discount on any of these supplements.]

Yes, I’ve been experimenting with these drinks and feeling great! More to come on adaptogenic drinks, but I do want to share with you what I’ve been enjoying for late morning or early afternoon uplift lately.

Matcha Latte with a Little Sumthin Sumthin

1 t matcha powder

1 t collagen powder

1 t spirulina

Coconut or almond milk

Heat milk and whisk small amount with other ingredients. Add the rest of warm milk and blend until frothy with a blender or handheld frother. Add a touch of honey or few drops of stevia if desired.

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