Join me on a group Self-Care Reset and Cleanse that fits into your busy lifestyle!
Celebrate the Autumn Equinox by finding more balance in your own life.

Why the Autumn Reset?

√ Are you feeling sluggish?
√ Does your energy dip throughout the day?
√ Would you like to increase your vitality?
√ Would you like your clothes to fit better?
√ Would you like to eliminate aches and pains?
√ Are you ready for a full body reset?

Ready for the Autumn Reset?

It's time to reset and find more balance in your life!

What does the Autumn Reset involve?

A commitment to nourishing yourself with vibrant organic meals, personal calls with Rachel, a private Facebook support group, weekly live webinars and a Thrival Guide that serves as roadmap and cookbook to help you explore deep self-care, delicious nourishment, and kicking habits that no longer serve you. This is not about denial! You will be supported in taking a little more time to give yourself excellent nourishment and loving self-care. The Ejuva Body Cleanse kit is available in conjunction with the Reset. Ejuva is a gentle, herbal cleanse that offers a high-quality blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbs to support digestion, soften intestinal plaque and balance the adrenal system. The Ejuva herb kit is not required, but highly recommended for best results.

Included in your personal 26-day Autumn Reset:

• A private phone consultation with Rachel
• 4 weekly webinars about nourishment, self-care and an anti-inflammatory diet
• A private, moderated Facebook group
• Thrival Guide cookbook and roadmap
• A potluck in Santa Cruz
• Month supply of herbs (optional)

Early bird registration deadline: September 10

Ready to Reset? Sign-up Now!

• Early bird registration deadline: September 10
• Payment plans available

Why Reset with Rachel?

Rachel works with patients struggling with health, weight, eating disorders and irritable bowel issues and encourages a gentle approach that fits your lifestyle and body type. Rachel uses her expertise in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and Western herbs, nutrition and psychology to make your experience successful and can tailor the program to fit your life.

What participants are saying.

I have seen a complete turn around in my overall health after being consistent with my appointments and removing inflammatory foods from my diet. Rachel has given me herbs, massaged out knots and emotions that were clogging up my body, and has introduced me to a less reactive way of living when things didn’t go the way I had hoped or planned. — Sarah W.

Rachel sharing her experience and wisdom through webinars, slides, the Facebook group, and her own personally created cleanse manual was all so fabulously comprehensive that we were gifted with all the needed tools for success from day one! I would heartily recommend a cleanse with Rachel to anyone! It’s been such a gift of learning, empowerment, and improved health and vitality! – Suzanne R.

Deluxe Reset with Treatment + Herbs – $595 (early bird $570)

• Full cleanse reset
• Month supply of Ejuva herbs
• 3 90-minute acupuncture + massage sessions
• Actual value $735

Autumn Reset with Herbs – $295 (early bird $270)

• Full cleanse reset
• Month supply of Ejuva herbs
• Actual value $335

Autumn Reset without Herbs – $175 (early bird $150)

• Full cleanse reboot without herbs

Prior Participants – $125 (early bird $105)

• Full cleanse reboot without herbs

Prior Participants with Herbs – $250 (early bird $225)

• Full cleanse reboot
• Month supply of Ejuva herbs