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The Self-Care Debate

A Piece of Chocolate Cake with a Side of Privilege? In my little social media world, there’s been a flurry of articles and discussion about self-care. This article was shared by three different friends in the same hour, so I figured I’d better read it! The gist of it is that self-care isn’t meant to […]

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Rachel Farber Wellness IMG_3047-e1503930234659 5 Ways to Keep that Summer Glow  santa cruz acupuncture

5 Ways to Keep that Summer Glow

With the beginning of the school year and routines falling into place, I get that old back-to-school excitement and at the same time, a little anxiety sets in amid the hectic rush of school and work and homework and sports and lunches. Especially this year! Thanks to two surgeries in the beginning of 2017, come […]

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Spring Renewal

It’s been so much fun to prepare for the 2016 Spring Renewal and Body Rejuvenation Cleanse and watch the group come together! I’ve lived a lot of places and have formed deep bonds in the most wonderful communities. A small circle of cherished friends and patients from all over have decided NOW is the time […]

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