Cleanse FAQs

Spring Renewal Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions

I have chosen to offer this guided group cleanse using the Ejuva line of products because they offer a well-balanced blend of organic, high-quality herbs. Ejuva has their own FAQ section that will answer many of your questions.


Here are some additional questions and answers about our group adventure:


Will I starve? What can I eat?

This is a flexible program that helps you pay attention to what is going into your body while using herbs to soften intestinal plaque and balance your energy. The cleanse is based on a mostly plant-based diet, but you are encouraged to eat some fish or chicken if you are needing the additional energy as well as legumes and nuts in moderate amounts. You will speed up cleansing by eating primarily plants and you will slow things down by adding more chicken, fish, legumes and nuts.

This is also a great opportunity to take a look at those unconscious habits! I encourage you to eliminate congesting foods and focus on what fuels your body, but there are no hard and fast rules here. The full cleanse steps down weekly from Stage 1 (3 meals a day) to Stage 2 (2 meals a day) to Stage 3 (1 meal a day) to Stage 4 (shakes and herbs only), but many of my clients stay longer with the initial stages and still get great benefits of feeling lighter, more energized, and more comfortable in their bodies.

I have prepared an eBook with recipes for delicious nourishing soups, salads and veggie dishes that will indulge your senses. If kale caesar salad with roasted beets, red lentil coconut milk soup with sweet potatoes, or Moroccan vegetable soup sound good to you, you will enjoy many yummy meals!


Do I have to give up coffee? Do I have to give up wine?

Ideally, the cleanse will be most effective if you give up coffee and alcohol for the duration, but I believe you are better off trying the cleanse and doing the best you can, even if you need to stick with them for the time being. As said above, this is a great opportunity to revisit habits. Maybe you will cut down your coffee or alcohol consumption, or switch to decaf. Trust yourself to take it as far as you are ready and go from there. That’s one of the reasons we are doing a group cleanse; we can support each other in making real-life choices rather than holding ourselves to impossible (for us right now) standards that keep us from taking the first step.


Why do this with a group?

As stated above, through our weekly webinars and private moderated Facebook group, we can share struggles and successes, recipes, and tips. In addition, there is a certain camaraderie in embracing change together.


What if I am traveling during the cleanse? My kids have spring break and I want to enjoy the vacation.

Go ahead and do it anyway! Firstly, the cleanse feels so good that you will have an easier time making healthy choices, even when traveling. Second, if you decide you want to slow it down for a week, that’s no problem. Simply take the minimum amount of herbs and eat 2-3 meals a day. You can extend the cleanse an extra week if you like.


What’s the Deluxe Package? Is it for me?

The Deluxe cleanse includes a fantastic deal on bodywork during the cleanse. If you really want a full-system reboot, you can receive 4 90-minute massage/acupuncture sessions for the price of 1-hour treatments. This means plenty of time for oil massage, Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture.


Why work with Rachel?

I have been an acupuncturist for 16 years and a bodyworker for 27 years. I have helped many people find their vitality and relieve symptoms of imbalance and pain. As a faculty member of Five Branches University and a current doctorate student, I am up on current medical research, but my roots are in the basics of good health: delicious nourishment, moderate and enjoyable exercise, happy habits, and deep relaxation. I love partnering with clients to create lasting patterns of well-being! 

In addition, if you know or have worked with me at all, you know I am NOT into deprivation! We will NOURISH ourselves and engage in yummy self-care. The Ejuva cleanse itself includes a tantalizing herbal massage oil. In the webinars and discussions, we will share a spectrum of tools to enhance taking extra good care of yourself. In addition, if you have a hectic life, it’s easy to put cooking wholesome meals on the back burner. During the time of the cleanse,