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Natural Treatment for Digestive Wellness and Weight Loss

The digestive system is an amazing organ complex that takes nutrients from food and turns them into energy that powers our lives. Healing the gut is essential for long-term health.

Dr. Farber has over 20 years of experience treating digestive issues and eating disorders and is passionate about current research on the gut microbiome.

As a Clinical Nutrition professor to masters and doctorate students, she employs cutting-edge research and the best of integrative medicine, lab tests, Chinese medical diagnosis, herbal therapy, natural supplements, acupuncture, heat therapy and bodywork, to treat a variety of digestive disorders, including:

  • Intestinal Permeability
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Weight Gain
  • GERD/Heartburn
  • Eating Disorders/Food Addiction
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Malabsorption

I had issues with my digestion that I hadn’t acknowledged until Rachel starting asking me questions. By the end of the summer I was in the hospital having emergency surgery for a twisted intestine. My body had been telling me for quite some time that something wasn’t right. After 6 months and 1 major surgery I couldn’t imagine not having Rachel and acupuncture as a part of my healing process and health maintenance routine.”


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Why Our Approach to Treating Digestive Problems Works . . .

Comprehensive Perspective

Integrative Chinese medicine is an ancient medicine practiced in the modern world utilizing the best practices available today, including cutting-edge lab tests, epigenetics and current research on diet and treatment.

Spark Your Natural Healing Ability

Integrative Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, bodywork, herbs and supplements to stimulate your body’s own self-regulatory capacity. Chinese medicine and nutritional support are sciences, with rich bodies of research to back them up. They are also medical arts; we treat the body and then carefully observe its responses, fine-tuning treatments as the healing process unfolds. Whether you are on sleep or depression medications or not, Dr. Farber can support you to manage the stress response in a new way.

Root Cause

Traditional Chinese medicine is also called “Root and Branch” medicine. The branch is the symptom—in this case stress, insomnia and addictions. The root is the real problem. Patients come to the clinic searching for relief from the branch symptom, but we focus on healing the root to eliminate the symptom for the long-term, rather than a quick fix that leaves you more depleted than when you started.

It Feels Great

Although physiological landscapes vary widely and lab testing often helps to pinpoint exactly what is going on, a common cornerstone of treatment in this day and age is stress reduction. Dr. Farber has 25+ years of experience doing massage and bodywork and she employs her skills to relax patients and put them at ease in a soothing, warm healing space. Relaxation calms the adrenal system, disarming the fight or flight mechanism that has become rampant in our society.

Our Work Together

Step 1 – Free Consultation

During your free consultation, Dr. Farber will speak with you on the phone or in the office to discuss your case, medical history and your health goals. She will answer any questions you may have and help evaluate whether her clinical work will help you feel better.

Step 2 – Comprehensive Initial Visit

Your first comprehensive intake with Dr. Farber will take approximately two hours. During this time she will do a comprehensive health and family history to assess the development of symptoms and root. She will ask that you complete a dietary survey and also that you bring in all supplements and medications you are currently taking so that she can devise an optimal plan in partnership with you.

You will be given a treatment plan that includes supplements and herbs (when appropriate) as well as an easy-to-follow diet plan when necessary.

Your first session also includes bodywork and acupuncture when appropriate. Dr. Farber uses a painless Japanese acupuncture style that often surprises people who are afraid of needles with its gentleness. She also uses Shiatsu, Swedish massage and craniosacral therapy to treat joint pains and general tension.

Step 3 – Treatment Plan

You will generally return for follow-up visits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis that include analysis of progress, fine-tuning diet and revision of herbal and supplement plan. Sessions also include acupuncture and bodywork to bring immediate relief and also to facilitate long-term healing.

Step 4 – Transitional Care

Dr. Farber works to move you into Transitional Care mode as quickly as possible. After the initial round of weekly visits, you will begin to come in less frequently until you are being treated on an as-needed basis. You can still receive supplement and herbal support and come in for “tune-up” treatments as necessary.

Step 5 – Taking Care of the Community

Dr. Farber is honored by the fact that over 75% of new patients are referrals from happy patients and medical doctors who have witnessed the benefits of her work firsthand and want others in their community and lives to receive similar benefits.

We look forward to helping those you refer live their most vital, energetic lives!

Dr. Farber is passionate about working with patients that she can help. Schedule a free consultation to see if you are a good fit for integrative Chinese medicine. If you prefer, call now and we can answer your questions or schedule your appointment today.

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