Fall 2017 – 21 Day Reset

Sunday, September 10 – Saturday, September 30

RENEW + REVITALIZE this Fall on a journey of deep nourishment and unconditional self-love!

Your body is a miraculous organism that continually self-corrects and self-regulates. The food you eat and the habits that make up your days affect your health and energy. Your digestion, mood, reproductive hormones and thyroid are on an interdependent circuit that affects every aspect of your health.

During our 21 days together, we will take a little time each day to look at daily patterns in a new way. Making subtle shifts in diet — often requiring eating MORE of the right stuff — can make remarkable changes in energy, food and weight.

A Reset isn’t just about food. This is a great opportunity to examine your habits, schedule, home surroundings and media consumption and engage in 3 weeks of self-nurturing. By doing this in a community of others doing the same work, you get support and camaraderie. You will not only gain focus and energy, you’ll also be better able to take care of those around you and do your best work! The world needs what you have to give!

Dr. Rachel Farber the-journmey-2-300x300 Fall 2017 – 21 Day Reset Dr. Rachel Farber  Fall 2017 – 21 Day Reset

  • How do you take care of yourself?
  • How many others do you care for?
  • Does your energy level stay steady throughout the day, so that you can accomplish the big and small goals you have?
  • Are you comfortable in your body?
  • Is your blood sugar stable or do you get dips in the late morning and afternoon?
  • Is your sleep restful and rejuvenating?
  • Do you feel like there are habits that are getting in the way of your being healthy?


Depending on your answers, your body might be telling you that it's time to Reset! Join me on a journey of deep nourishment and unconditional self-love!

Included in your personal, guided Reset:

  • An Introductory Webinar
  • A 21-Day Meal Plan
  • Reset Thrival Guide
  • Recipe eBook
  • Daily Facebook Check-Ins and Videos
  • A Private, Moderated Facebook Support Group
  • Ejuva Herb Kit, 3 Week Supply (*Included only in Resets with Herbs) SOLD OUT 
  • 2 90-Minute Sessions: Massage & Acupuncture Treatments (Select Package + Treatment)

Please select from the Reset Packages below:

There are numerous benefits of doing a guided Reset with Rachel, as she works with patients struggling with health, weight, thyroid and adrenal problems, hormone imbalance and digestive issues every day. Rachel encourages a gentle approach that fits your lifestyle and body type, and believes that a forgiving approach is always best and can tailor the program to make it possible for you to fit a Reset into your life. In fact, she believes your life depends on it!
Resetting your system isn’t all about the food, but it is an important element. Our approach will NOT be about deprivation, but a focus on eating vibrant meals, nourishing soups, delicious sauces and dressings, tantalizing salads. Plan on taking a little extra time to prepare food during 3 weeks.
Rachel uses the Ejuva Herb Kit to enhance the experience of the Reset. People who have used the herbs have had the deepest experiences. The Ejuva Herb Kit is a gentle herbal mix that offers a high-quality blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbs to support digestion, soften intestinal build-up and balance the adrenal system. You may also do the Reset without the herbs.

What past participants are saying:

I have seen a complete turn around in my overall health after being consistent with my appointments and removing inflammatory foods from my diet. Rachel has given me herbs, massaged out knots and emotions that were clogging up my body, and has introduced me to a less reactive way of living when things didn’t go the way I had hoped or planned. – Sarah W.
Rachel sharing her experience and wisdom through webinars, slides, the Facebook group, and her own personally created cleanse manual was all so fabulously comprehensive that we were gifted with all the needed tools for success from day one! I would heartily recommend a cleanse with Rachel to anyone! It’s been such a gift of learning, empowerment, and improved health and vitality! – Suzanne R.