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To make sure that you get the best care, I offer a free, no obligation, consultation so that you can find out if you are a good candidate for my clinic.
My purpose is to help as many people as I can improve their health by providing the best of Integrative Functional and Chinese Medicine. Let's talk to find out if this work will help you with your problems.
At your consultation we will:
  • Answer any questions that you have about Integrative Functional and Chinese Medicine
  • Discuss your symptoms and health concerns
  • Tell you how I think that I might be able to help you
  • Review treatment options and costs


If you have any health problems or symptoms that you would like to see improve, please fill out the form to get started with your free consultation, or call me at 831-515-2354 to set up your free consultation. Once you submit your consultation request, I’ll contact you the same day in most cases. At the latest, you’ll hear from me the next business day. Our consultation can be over the phone or in person.

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Here are just a few stories from my successful patients.


“Rachel is a gifted healer who has been highly attuned to my physical and emotional needs as I fought breast cancer and the challenges and side effects of cancer treatments. When I sit with Rachel, she asks the right questions, listens with her heart and uses her years of experience and professional training to guide my mind and body to a place of healing and peace.”

— Sally, Cancer Surivor, Santa Cruz


“I found myself curious about acupuncture after I had heard several friends talking about their own personal experiences, and also after a very close family friend and Doctor suggested I try it. I was curious but skeptical at best. So mostly out of curiosity I set up an appointment with Rachel. I really liked acupuncture and Rachel from the beginning. Rachel taught me to think about by body and how it was functioning more thoroughly. I was a relatively healthy person before starting acupuncture but quickly realized I had been ignoring signs that my body wasn’t working the way it should be. I had issues with my digestion that I hadn’t acknowledged until Rachel starting asking me questions. By the end of the summer I was in the hospital having emergency surgery for a twisted intestine. My body had been telling me for quite some time that something wasn’t right. After 6 months and 1 major surgery I couldn’t imagine not having Rachel and acupuncture as a part of my healing process and health maintenance routine. She has helped me to heal and to understand how my body is working and what it needs to stay happy and healthy. Rachel is amazing!”

— Jen, Santa Cruz


“Rachel Farber brings such a beautiful and harmonious presence to her practice, and combined with her years of experience and passion for healing is able to provide treatment that is outstanding in every way! She listens intuitively to your body, and provides an extremely warm and nurturing environment. My sessions with her have been just incredible, and I always leave feeling absolutely amazed at the mind/body benefits I experience! She is without a doubt a most gifted practitioner, and I feel Santa Cruz is so fortunate to have a healer of her caliber in our community!”

— Suzanne, Santa Cruz


“I started seeing Rachel for various health reasons (stagnant weight, hormone imbalances, sleep pattern fluctuations) that began with body work and acupuncture. I was hesitant because I had never tried herbs or acupuncture before and didn’t believe it could really make that much of an impact. Rachel had a Reset group starting so I decided to give it a whirl. Initially concerned with the restrictive diet, I decided to tweak it to fit my life.

I am happy to report that I have seen a complete turn around in my overall health after being consistent with my appointments and removing inflammatory foods from my diet. Rachel has given me herbs, massaged out knots and emotions that were clogging up my body, and has introduced me to a less reactive way of living when things didn’t go the way I had hoped or planned. My hormones are in balance, my skin has cleared up (I hear from other people that know me that I am glowing), emotions are in check, and I am sleeping better than ever before without using pills.

Rachel has helped me to realize that my whole self is made up of more than just a set of flaws that I focus on but rather my strengths both inside and out. I strongly believe I am getting my true self back.”

— Sarah, Santa Cruz

I have helped hundreds of patients in the last 17 years and look forward to working with you!

Complete the form above to get started with your free consultation or, just call (831) 515-2354 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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