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Herbal Therapy

Herbs have been used in every culture throughout history to treat ailments and regulate the natural functions of the body.

Dr. Farber is a licensed herbalist who is trained in Chinese and Western herbalism. She uses organic, locally grown herbs whenever possible. Herbal remedies can be used  on their own, but are ideal when combined with acupuncture, hands-on therapies, dietary changes and emotional repatterning.

How Herbs Help

Herbal formulas are like recipes. We incorporate herbs that have varying tastes, temperatures, and properties to balance the formula. For example, in treating the common cold, it is essential to treat the symptoms of sore throat and runny nose while supporting the body’s immune system. A well-balanced herbal formula can serve many purposes as the herbs work together synergistically.

“Rachel is a true healer and guide. Her support with health care has been an incredibly positive addition to my life. I can’t recommend her enough!”


Using Herbs

In Chinese herbology, herbs are categorized according to temperature, flavor, action and organs affected. After a thorough traditional diagnosis, herbalists build a formula in which individual herbs can synergistically support each other while balancing out negative side effects.


  • Herbs are classified according to whether they are warming, cooling or neutral in their effect on the body. Cooling herbs treat “heat” conditions and vice versa.
  • Flavors correspond to internal organs in the Five Element system. They are spicy, sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Each taste has a physiological effect on the body.
  • Each herb has a particular action on the body, such as dispersing, tonifying, astringing and detoxifying. We take into account how herbs act individually and in combination.
  • There are twelve major organ systems according to Chinese medical theory. Every herb affects one or more internal organ.
  • Herbs can be taken as teas, tinctures, powders or pills.
  • All foods are classified as herbs. In addition to prescribing formulas, Dr. Farber supplies recipes and food suggestions so that food can be your medicine and your ally.

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