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Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork

Massage and therapeutic bodywork invite the body and brain to rest and rejuvenate. Through soothing gentle touch and deep tissue manipulation, chronic tensions release, and the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, connective tissue, fascia) relax. 

Massage also improves circulation of blood and lymph. This enhances delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and allows tissues to function more efficiently, resulting in elimination of waste products and excess fluids and decrease in inflammation. 

Massage also initiates the relaxation response, a state in which the heart and breathing rate slow, blood pressure lowers and the production of stress hormones decreases. This allows an increase in available serotonin, a chemical which positively affects emotions and thoughts. 

Dr. Farber believes in the power of bodywork so deeply, she offers long sessions of acupuncture that include bodywork, and she also offers two days a week of massage-only sessions to give her patients a range of options. 

She believes that in today’s stressful, fast-paced, screentime culture, touch is vitally important and healing. As she works on her clients, she receives a lot of information from them about how they carry stress, tension and the history of their lives in their bodies. As she works from the outside in, her clients on the table use their breath to open from the inside out. This combination provides deep relaxation and the highest therapeutic benefit. 

A friend told me about acupuncturist Dr. Rachel Farber because I had injured my back and I needed some extra help to heal. After our first session, I felt immediate pain relief. Rachel is super nice and has wonderful communication skills. She asks questions and listens well, and personalizes what kind of treatment is needed. Besides her knowledge and use of acupuncture, she may implement light or deep massage to facilitate healing. The combination, for me, has been very helpful. Rachel has my highest recommendation.


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