21-Day Reset

Guidelines, meal plans, support, and community to help you get back to the way you were meant to feel!

  • Dive into your habits and patterns.
  • Show up for yourself and push through any blocks.
  • Learn what foods work well for your body.
  • Feel energized, nourished, & balanced.

Join the Winter Reset

January 22 – February 12, 2024

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The Reset is a unique guided 21-day plan that includes an anti-inflammatory diet, online and live support, printed materials and a whole lot of inspiration! Dr. Farber’s non-dogmatic approach leaves space for everyone to participate.

It’s not so much a cleanse as a chance to focus on your health and habits for three weeks to learn more about what really serves you in your life. Whether it’s breathing, sleep, diet, exercise, mindfulness, screen time, caffeine, alcohol or sugar, Resetters become aware of the choices they make and how they affect health.

What we’ve found over the years is that what begins as a 3-week program often brings lasting changes that promote ongoing wellbeing. 

Are you ready to become your healthiest self?

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Do you need to make a shift in your daily habits?

You’re ready to dive into your habits and patterns with diet, lifestyle and emotions that may be leading you to choose that don’t serve you.

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Do you want more tools and strategies for your self care?

You’re ready to show up for yourself and push through any blocks or fear holding you back.


Do you feel tired or sluggish throughout the day?

You’re ready to learn what foods work well for your body to feel energized, nourished, and balanced.

What’s included in your 21-Day Reset?

  • 21-Day Meal Plan.
  • Reset Thrival Guide.
  • Curated Recipe eBook.
  • Shopping List.
  • Exclusive Discounts with Artisanal Food Purveyors.
  • Healing Tips for Gut Health.
  • Introductory Webinar & Online Roundtable.
  • A Private, Moderated Chat Group.
  • Weekly Live Q & A Session.
  • Daily Email Support & Resources.
  • A Supportive Community.
  • Insights from Integrative Chinese Medicine.

3 reasons a 21-Day Reset may be right for you:

You’re ready to dive into your habits and patterns with diet, lifestyle and emotions that may be leading you to choices that don’t serve you.

You’re ready to show up for yourself and push through any blocks or fear holding you back.

You’re ready to learn what foods work well for your body to feel energized, nourished, and balanced.

“Join me for a 21-Day Reset and I will guide you back to the way you were meant to feel. I understand what it’s like to feel out of sorts with your body. I’ve spent 20 years helping people just like you transform their lives and become their healthiest selves.”

Dr. Rachel Farber

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How will you feel after 21 days?

Many people report feeling revitalized, more energetic, empowered and supported to continue great habits beyond the Reset. In addition, joint pain and bloating often decreases significantly. Another common bonus of the Reset is better sleep and more consistent energy throughout the day. 

What do we eat on a 21-Day Reset?

The food is the best part!

Reset your body with fresh in season vegetables, lean proteins and nourishing meals without feeling deprived.

Here are some sample meal plans from past Resets.

avocado toast


  • Country style miso soup.
  • Frittata with sweet potatoes and leeks.
  • Gluten free avocado toast.
soup with raw broccoli, leeks and herbs


  • Wild rice pilaf with shrimp.
  • Hearty vegetable soups.
  • Omega-rich seed crackers with white bean spread.
salmon and salad


  • Red lentil, coconut soup.
  • Salmon with roasted root vegetables.
  • “Cheesy” Almond broccoli meatballs.
hard boiled eggs and almond butter


This Reset is not about deprivation — so, spread that date with some almond butter or bite into a crunchy apple.

I like that I’ve been able to examine my food habits and make conscious choices around those I want to change. I’m feeling empowered. I’m experiencing less bloating and brain fog, more energy. I like the idea of keeping the Reset during the week and loosening up a bit in the weekends. Thank you Rachel and everyone for great guidance and support for nourishing change.

– L. L.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be hungry all the time?

No way! The 21-day Reset isn’t about deprivation. It’s about nourishing your body with the right kinds of foods, consumed in the right proportions, at the right time.

2. Do I have to have “mad skills” in the kitchen to participate?

That depends on your definition of “mad skills,” really. If the only appliance you’ve ever used in your kitchen is the microwave to heat frozen meals, then I have some bad news for you: you’re going to have to cook. But if you know your way around your cutting board and your oven, the 21-Day Reset won’t be a burden for you. While cooking your own food is really best, there are always options for dining out and navigating our real lives while paying more attention to what we consume.

3. Will I really see results in just 21 days?

You bet! You’ll feel less sluggish, less bloated, and more energetic than you can remember being. The 21-Day Reset gives you the results you’re looking for because you won’t be eating food that causes irritation and inflammation in your body. Three weeks is long enough for your body to start healing itself. Read the testimonials for a sense of how past participants have fared.

4. Do I have to live in Santa Cruz?

You sure don’t! If you do live in Santa Cruz, you can benefit from the optional Reset friendly meals from our friends at Golden Roots Kitchen, but the community and delivery is all virtual, so you can participate from the comfort of your own internet connection.

5. Do I need to be available for the live calls and webinars?

Don’t worry — live content will be recorded and shared via email and on our Chat Group, so if you can’t make it, you can watch the recordings later.

6. I don’t want to give up all my favorite foods. Do I have to?

Definitely not, unless you count “Texas toast” as salad. You won’t have to eat anything crazy. In fact, the 21-Day Reset applies to all kinds of eaters: vegans, vegetarians, paleo eaters, etc. However, I will help you to examine possible food sensitivities and consider eliminating and substituting known irritants.

7. Do I have to take supplements or herbs?

I love herbs and will recommend them throughout the program, but no, you’re not required to take anything. Your body, your choice.

8. Will you be available during the Reset so I can ask questions?

Yes! I am here to help, and you’ll be able to contact me via e-mail and our private Chat Group. If you feel that you need a deeper dive into your personal health concerns or struggle with autoimmune disorders, you might consider adding on the discounted 1:1 personal consultation or visiting my practice to do a deeper dive and get the healing support you need.

9. What makes this Reset different from the other cleanses and programs I’ve tried?

Yes, this Reset is a 21-day jumpstart into an anti-inflammatory diet, but it is more of a lifestyle deep dive than a cleanse. We use lessons from Chinese medicine, functional medicine and yoga, as well as draw upon Dr. Farber’s extensive history working with patients suffering from depression, eating disorders and digestive problems to gently shift daily habits and mindset for lasting success. During the Reset, you have the opportunity to look at your sleep patterns, moods, hydration levels, distractions and support systems to create some new and lasting improvements. This puts you in an upward spiral of health and energy, and more importantly give you the foundation to be able to make better choices that truly nourish you.

Dr Rachel Farber

Dr. Rachel Farber

As a doctor of integrative Chinese medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, and a professor of Clinical Nutrition as well as Gynecology and Obstetrics, I’ve had a decades-long journey in natural and Chinese medicine.

I first became interested in Chinese medicine during my own health crisis. During an extensive recovery from bulimia nervosa in my youth, I skipped my menses for several months and consulted an acupuncturist. The acupuncture and herbs — undertaken for a period of several months — restored my cycle and were also instrumental in my recovery from bulimia. The process instilled me with a lifelong curiosity and passion for Chinese medicine.

As someone who also has autoimmune disease and comes from a family history of autoimmune disorders, I delved into research into how Chinese medicine naturally treats autoimmunity. I haven’t come up for air as modern research into how herbs, acupuncture and diet profoundly affect epigenetics is prolific. My current research is focused on how an anti-inflammatory diet can prevent and reverse autoimmune disorders. I practice what I preach with a healthy lifestyle and an anti-inflammatory diet, finding lots of joy and balanced indulgence along the way!

Get Ready!

The next 21-Day Reset starts soon . . . mark your calendar. 

We’ll be kicking things off in our private chat group to meet each other and get acquainted starting NOW. 

The people who are doing the 21-Day Reset with you are your peers, but they’ll become more than that. 

They’ll be your accountability partners, your cheerleaders, and your support group. 

They’ll help you through the tough parts, and you’ll help them, too.

runners at the starting line

Reclaim your health!

The 21-Day Reset may help you lose weight, but that’s decidedly not the point: the point is to reset. to create a clean slate, and to learn how to make better choices. When we make intentional choices for our bodies, we create an upward spiral that leads to better energy, sleep and even more purposeful work and healthier relationships.

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