Functional Integrative Medicine

Functional medicine is a system of medicine that addresses the whole person, not just a set of symptoms or a particular diagnosis.

Bringing together the wealth of modern biomedical techniques, we can combine these technological advances with the energetic medicines of the ancients to treat the human body of today.

Rachel partners with medical doctors, naturopathic physicians and other bodyworkers to seek out the best care for her patients. She is always happy to provide referrals when appropriate.

We live in one of the most remarkable times of history in terms of medical care. Imaging, blood work and genetic testing give an inside view of every level of anatomy and function. At the same time, ancient healing techniques are being taught at university levels, and ongoing research is confirming their efficacy.

An Integrative approach looks at the symptoms as pieces of a puzzle, and putting all of the puzzle pieces of your health together is how we discover what is happening, and how to improve your holistic system. These pieces include:

  • Vitamin and Minerals
  • Hormones
  • Brain Chemicals
  • Inflammatory and Stress Molecules
  • Gut Microorganisms
  • Antibodies
  • pH balance

We assess how these systems work together and how we can bio-chemically affect them to improve your health. Essentially, functional medicine is the manipulation of your body’s biochemistry. Each person is a unique blend of molecules, emotions, and thoughts and functional medicine works to bring balance to the biochemical system of the body. Everyday and with every patient, our doctors utilize treatments that nourish and balance the body’s bio-chemical functioning. By doing so, health becomes naturally restored and the disease process is halted.

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